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Cascade Maverik Lacrosse

The first products I drew in my childhood notebooks were sporting goods equipment. This hobby evolved into my passion for design so when I had the opportunity to work as a Design Intern for Cascade Maverik Lacrosse while at Syracuse University, I was ecstatic. Listed below are the main projects I assisted with during my internship.

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Maverik Charger

I was tasked with designing and updating the Maverik Charger line for the 2020 season. The family is Maverik's beginner equipment series, and also best-selling.


Cascade Helmet Ideation

Cascade Lacrosse is the standard in the world of lacrosse headwear. I was included in design sessions and meetings on what would become the Cascade XRS helmet.



Conceptual Work

Possibly the most fun I had while interning was being asked to work on conceptual products and solutions: generating ideas with no concrete timeline or budget.



Not only does Maverik Lacrosse make every product with a name and logo, but they often create branding for specific features on their products. I worked on creating titles and slogans for these technologies.

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